Color Masterbatch for Silicone Rubber offered by us is manufactured using silicone compatible medium and offered to the clients at reasonable prices. These Masterbatch has found its usage in different industrial segments and is highly acclaimed by the clients for its performance.

Our Masterbatch are perfectly matched to any silicone rubber bases and can be incorporated quickly and easily on the roll mill.

These Masterbatch can be mixed together in almost any different combinations you like as per your requirement.

We can also provide masterbatch either identical or similar to Pantone colors.

Nucleating Agent for Silicone Rubber Transparency

This additive increases transparency of transparent silicone rubber. It is made from the best quality material, which gives you the best results for transparency. This is mainly used among industrial products manufacturing like tubes, pipes, etc.

Screen Printing Ink for Silicone Rubber

We pioneer in India for producing screen printing ink for printing on silicone rubber products. This ink is made from the best quality material, giving the long lasting impression after the print on any kind of day to day products made from silicone rubber like, bands, pipes, remote buttons, etc...

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